Hydrolight and the WaterMon project takes data management and project management very seriously. Because the project has so many moving parts – from generating Raman signals of pathofens (E.Coli) and nutrients (Nitrates and phosphates) to use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to look for patterns, the project has partnered with a Cambridge start up (founded by Irish scientists and businesspeople). Rinolab is a set of software tools that allows you to ingest data from any source in any format, interact with it, learn from it and enrich it to unlock insights and discoveries. It’s also team based with project management designed specifically for research projects.


The Rinolab team complements the overall project team and as well as physicists, it also has software engineers and IT experts with experience of managing large data projects.

It all began in 2014 when researchers from University of Cambridge, Cork Institute of Technology and Granada University were conducting EU funded research into the use of glass microchips with Raman Spectroscopy to identify contaminants in water in real time. They had access to the best of resources; a photonics lab, a level three bio lab, access an engineering lab and an embedded systems lab. They had the best equipment and software money could buy and top-level researchers, engineers and AI developers in three countries.

The project was generating copious amounts of data. Sample contaminants were being grown and monitored in the bio lab, the spectrometers were on auto pilot generating signals and data sets for the machine learning were piling up. The team were initially managing this data using memory sticks, local drives, dumb cloud storage and email.

It started looking for ‘off the shelf’ data management to help better understand the data and results the project was generating.

Despite an exhaustive search, it could not find suitable data management solutions. It evaluated LIMS software and ELNs but nothing that would allow the team to explicitly interact with its data and share insights across multi-disciplinary teams generating different data formats from many sources located in different countries.

The research institutes the team were collaborating with had nothing to offer except access to big unwieldy databases (that were very expensive) and the internet had nothing to offer in the way of an off the shelf solution.
So Rinolab.com was born. It’s for researchers fundamentally and its free to use for individuals and small teams. Try it today.
Rinolab has been adopted by the WaterMon project partners, Nimbus Centre and CAPPA Centre at Cork Institute of Technology, to store, manage and analyse the large volumes of data created in the project.